No one ever got financially liberated from salary increases. 


It’s time to stop working for peanuts when you’re skilled AF and have years of experience under your belt. If you have self-belief you are already 10 steps ahead to creating a massive impact for others


Get ready to shift your money mindset and reclaim your power to fight everything you were taught about school + work + life. 

In this round of my Group Program - we are getting ready to BREAK-THE-CYCLE of Dependency, Complacency and Procrastination and magnetize abundance. 

You will learn to create more sources of income using your untapped gifts.

Stop saying I ’m broke and can’t afford it and learn to build multiple sources of income

Every time I hear someone say “money is hard to come by” I cringe because I see them blocking the energetic flow of money already.

*Waitlist Opens on September 16, 2023

This program is better suited for women who fit into any of the following below criteria: 

Online business owner overwhelmed with work but little money - need the confidence to charge premium prices

Ready to start your online business as a coach, consultant, strategist, podcaster, service provider unsure where to begin 

You already have a business but struggling with marketing & content creation 

If you fit any of these criteria, then this program is for you. 


I’ve struggled but also decided to stop relying on one income source. 

I’m not playing about things.

real results


"My Overall experience with Merlinda Francois Consultancy was very rewarding. Merlinda is easy to work with, she is accommodating, flexible and understanding. It was refreshing for me to have finally found within her group program, a group of women who are aligned with my values and working towards similar goals as me. With her Breaking Generational Poverty Program, I was able to change my mindset towards money, affirm and manifest alot of positive changes in my business and my life in general. I would recommend Merlinda to anyone who is committed to put in the work and wants serious change."


"Earlier this year I did the Break the cycle 4 month group coaching program. This course was really eye opening for me. Merlinda helped me to see what I needed to focus on and how to change my mind about business and making money. She was very attentive and made sure to give me constructive feedback. I definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to improve in business and mindset."


"One of the most rewarding decisions which I have made in my business was to work with Merlinda as my business coach. Her expertise and professionalism were evident, and I am thrilled with the results I have achieved with her guidance!"


"Before my coaching sessions with Merlinda, I procrastinated on starting my business and was drowning in self-doubt. My confidence has increased over the past 12 weeks. I have taken steps towards officially starting my business and I feel more prepared as I anticipate signing on new clients and exceeding their expectations. I was surprised by my fears and limiting beliefs that I didn't realize consumed me. However, I am happy that I was able to put some of these fears to rest, replacing them with optimism and new found self-confidence. Now, I look forward to stepping boldly into my business whilst eliminating the remaining self-doubt and utilizing the models I've learnt to overcome limiting beliefs."

I’m ready to help you to shift this money mindset and raise your prices

Sis, is this you?

You have many desires but your first thought is always “can I afford it?”

You feel nervous when you have too much money in your bank account because you know you’ll lose it all again

You hate your debt and the thought of paying it off seems so far and near impossible

The salary you receive from your day job is barely enough to survive

Maybe you’ve started a side hustle and signed one or two clients but that’s still not enough

You’re always struggling with the thought of charging more because you are fearful that people won’t be able to afford it

You love the idea of having multiple sources of income and being financially independent but you have no clue where to start

Imagine if you could: 

Break generational money patterns and be less reliant on your day job

Package your gifts and skill sets into a profitable income stream to supplement your job

Regain trust in who you are and your ability to make sound financial decisions

No longer worry about if you can afford it and set goals where you take into account the financial aspect involved

Have more freedom to do what you desire with who you want to do it with

Set up systems to reclaim your time and finally create space for multiple streams of income


01 / 

New habits to help you break you free from years of money trauma and declutter your scarcity mindset

02 / 

An experienced coach who has been where you are to help you gain confidence in your day to day money decisions and reprogram your brain for abundance

03 / 

A step by step strategy to set up systems for multiple streams of income so you are less reliant on your day job and on your way to becoming financially independent

"This woman is a beast in her area and she is really giving us the gems and opportunity to maintain our day jobs while having a side hustle"

I was unsure about the direction of my current business, working with Merlinda allowed me to fuel two other business ventures! In the space of 3 months I launched a business lol! I call it passion and drive to go after what you want!!

- Shonell Edmund



The only money & energetic shift you need to stop working for peanuts and create your own money rules. 

This experience is for women who are ready to release their limiting beliefs about money and time and want to make their own bank. 

This is a result-focused coaching program to guide you to break all patterns of dependency, complacent and scarcity to build multiple streams of income. 

It’s a simple process of monetizing your knowledge + skills at a premium level whilst becoming a leader. 

This is for the woman who wants to take control of their lives and not be a slave to their budget or societal way of living. 

This is for the woman who wants to make self-care a priority, stop overworking and practice project management with intention. 

It is for the woman who wants to pay-off debt and be the first in her family to be RICH BITCH.  

She wants to learn how to make more money and not be tied to a job alone. 

She wants to purchase their dream home, travel to places that they’ve never been and create a magical lifestyle for their family. 

Let's break it down

Here's What's INCLUDED


4-months weekly
group coaching
sessions with Merlinda 

This includes live feedback and interaction from your coach and peers in a supported and seen community of women. This is where most of the transformation happens. 




Live teachings for
some of lessons

Merlinda wants to ensure she addresses some topics including building self-belief, money mindset drama, procrastination and job drama very early thus, will teach some of the lessons live to give you a chance to ask questions.

Access to Video Vault
of Pre-Recorded Lessons

These will help you regardless of being a beginner or intermediate entrepreneur. We’ve created lessons to address common challenges like: managing work life, self-doubt, generational trauma, marketing, debt management, money energetics, relationship struggles and more.

4-hour Content VIP
Training for Everyone

(date will be given upon enrollment) 


Access to the
Slack Community

Sisterhood is important and we know just how much support fellow coaches can be. Thus, this is where you will learn to share, comment and get updates. It’s your own entrepreneurship circle.


Money-Mindset Audit + 1:1 Debt Management Session 

Two (2) Private 1:1 Coaching with Merlinda for PIF clients 
- When you pay in full, you’ll get two private sessions with me to plan out your content strategy

Once safety needs are met you can now focus on belonging needs thus, we will help you get comfortable with making money for your daily life and friends and not making it mean anything. 

Money energetics 

Dealing with uncertainties + emotional resilience

Managing Job Drama

Mindset for Entrepreneurship

Core Concepts:

Overcoming Systematic Patterns 


Systems for Business

Content Made

Clients Who Join Take Advantage Of: 

12-months access to 7 easy to follow modules with support documents teaching you how to break cycles of lack and learn to build multiple streams of income

Weekly live coaching from Merlinda to help you through any mindset drama that may come up or answer questions based on the lessons

Personal review of business offers by Merlinda and her team giving you a fresh pair of eyes on your business

Accountability and support from all the other women inside of the Private community so you never feel alone

BONUS 1:1 coaching session with Merlinda to provide additional support wherever you may need it.

BONUS Course teaching you how to overcome procrastination and better manage your time.


Before Working With Me

After Working With Me

Lack of confidence needed to talk about your business and believe that you can help others

Multiple business ideas but unsure how to get your business idea off the ground

No clue how to grow your existing business alongside your day job

Drowning in your self-doubt which results in lack of execution and consistency

Life events spiral out of control leaving you to respond to every single situation that comes your way

Limited money thoughts around whether you can afford it or if your job salary will ever be enough

Low energy and no motivation to go after what you want

Confidence to show up live on social media and talk about your business ventures

Clear business plan with actionable steps as to how to build your business and have multiple streams of income

Managing your time like a pro and able to balance your 9-5 job with your growing business

Strong belief around who you are, holding yourself accountable throughout the process and gaining the confidence to execute with ease and charge what you’re worth

More freedom and control in your life, planning ahead and creating space for the unforeseen events

Being less reliant on your job and making decisions based on your dream life, regardless of the price attached

Intense drive and passion to go after your desires regardless of what others around you think


" One of the most rewarding decisions which I have made in my business was to work with Merlinda as my business coach. Her expertise and professionalism were evident, and I am thrilled with the results I have achieved with her guidance!"

- Nakinda Daniel: Success Coach,
NLP Certified at Nakinda Daniel Consulting



Hello I’m Merlinda!

I’m super passionate about helping ambitious women release their money scarcity thoughts and gain the confidence to take control of their life and become financially independent.

I remember what it felt like growing up in poverty and being ridiculed as a result of it. 

Getting older only to please people and prioritize everyone’s needs before mines which kept me broke and with health complications. I went on to channel everything into my education, getting my Masters only to still be broke and in debt. 

Eventually I learned how to prioritize myself, set up systems to create more money, manage my time and even went on to bring in 50,000 EC in sales from my coaching business and other business ventures, while working a 9=5 job. 

Now I want the same for you. I’ll be sharing all my strategies and concepts that I used for myself and my clients as a Business Coach to help them go from “stressed about money” to “in control of their future”. 

This is the transformation that awaits you inside of Break the Cycle. See you inside. 

- Nikisha Rabess

"Before my coaching sessions with Merlinda, I procrastinated on starting my business and was drowning in self-doubt. My confidence has increased over the past 12 weeks. I have taken steps towards officially starting my business and I feel more prepared as I anticipate signing on new clients and exceeding their expectations. I was surprised by my fears and limiting beliefs that I didn't realize consumed me. However, I am happy that I was able to put some of these fears to rest, replacing them with optimism and new found self-confidence. Now, I look forward to stepping boldly into my business whilst eliminating the remaining self-doubt and utilizing the models I've learnt to overcome limiting beliefs."


Let’s look at your options, shall we?

Remain in the procrastination cycle , drown in self -doubt and never do what you want to do

Channel all your energy into your job and never make the time to transform your skill sets into an additional income stream

Join BREAK-THE-CYCLE and work with a skilled business coach to help you break through your limiting money thoughts and set up systems for multiple streams of income



This program is like no other because...

I’m teaching you what I did to go from job reliant to having three (3) streams of income as a black girl on a small island where having a job is the norm. 

I am diving deep into the mind and habits of Caribbean people or international immigrants that result in them repeating the poverty cycle. 

I’m first your life coach because I know how personal struggles can block our focus. Then we focus on the business.

I’m extremely passionate and empathetic when it comes to my clients but I also say it as it is. 

You will definitely leave differently, make more money and know how to create your freedom after working with me.

You will feel brave to set boundaries around your time, relationships and day job and prioritize YOU. 

You will learn to have fun, make self-care a priority, and still attract clients.

I’m sharing tools and resources to help you break through years of poverty patterns and ensuring that you are supported regardless of your schedule, your learning style or where you are starting from.

I am a well-cultured, critical thinker who is diverse. I have spent time in Dubai, London, Spain, Paris and other first world countries and that’s why I’m able to offer you a new perspective..

I’ll share BTS of why failure is ok, why you can be scared but still thrive. 

There is no wrong or right way but trusting your guts, implementing strategies and moving with genuine intention. 

You can’t get this wrong. You can’t mess up. This was designed for you to win over and over again. 


Here's a Sneak Peek of the Course Curriculum

Phase 1

Self-belief Mastery

Start breaking the cycle of lack and societal programming on scarcity. Get clear on your limiting thoughts and reprogram your brain for self-sufficiency. Get super specific and clear about what you want. Identify your credibility factors and embrace your femininity + your inner strength to be confident about what you do.

Phase 2

Money Energetics

We will shift everything you were taught about money and understand the power of money mindset. Use your words, actions and energetic principles to start attracting more money into your life

Phase 3

Brand Positioning

Position yourself as a leader by helping you to build brand awareness and grow a loyal community. We also guide you through content marketing and building your thought leadership

Phase 4

Project Management & Organizations

Set-up your systems for ease and automation. We utilize your gifts and convert them into income services by packaging and pricing strategically to attract clients who will pay

If you’ve made it this far, congrats! 

This means that Break-The-Cycle is exactly what you’ve been looking for.  

You are ready to take a risk and do something despite what everyone else around you thinks. 

I know taking this step can be a bit scary but the best part about this program is that I’d be here to guide you every step of the way. 

Keep scrolling for some FAQs below and I can’t wait to see you inside!

Frequently Asked Questions

That’s up to you since entrepreneurship is a commitment. I do not promote getting rich quick but this is a start of something new. However, I will say my clients have gotten results because they did the work. Do you believe you can accomplish anything in life? You can get results in 1 or 3 or even 6 months. Make it about your growth. The videos and lives are guides but you have to work on yourself as well. I will be there to hold you accountable and provide support in areas that need improvement but it is all you. You have my full attention for 16 weeks to answer any question. I believe in you!

Will this work for me?

This is a group program with an intimate community of women. Join within the first 48 hours to receive a bonus 1:1 launch planning & content strategy support with Merlinda. The group will support you in any area you need along with access to the chat community where I can answer your specific questions or coach you through a challenge. Despite it being a group program, clients have said that it is extremely intimate and they always feel understood and listened to.

Will I receive 1:1 support from Merlinda?

The day and time for the weekly live training will be every Thursday for 16 weeks. If you can’t make it live then the replay will be uploaded within 48 hours into your course portal.

What time is the weekly live training and what if I can’t make it?

12-months is the maximum time you have to access the videos. However, people get better results when they commit to the 4-months. After enrolling, you will have 4-months of live coaching with me then 8-months to go through all the training videos and support documents to review over and over again. Oh and did I mention that this includes access to the slack channel also? It does.  

How long do I have access to the course?

Inside of Break-The-Cycle, we provide you with the roadmap to living a more abundant life by monetizing your skill sets. Even if you’ve never started a business before, I teach you exactly how to do so from scratch and you have my full guidance for 16 weeks to help you do so.

What if I’ve never started a business? Will this work for me?

I do not believe money will be an issue because it's one of the things that I will coach you on very early in the program. However, we expect you to meet your commitments. If life happens and it's affecting you, just send us an email and we will work on the best possible solution. We do have a no more than 2 missed payments policy. 

What happens if I cannot make one payment?

The program starts February 13, 2023 with our welcome party and continues for 16 weeks.

When does the program start?

Click the links below to apply. After you that, you will get an email from me with the next steps.

I’m interested in this, what is the next step?

If you scrolled all the way to the bottom and would prefer to chat with me directly before joining, then send me a message on Instagram HERE, or email me at I’d love to chat with you.

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