Let’s Change Everything You Learnt About Money

Your job won’t give you freedom. My mission is to help you develop the inner belief & monetize your gifts to become self-sufficient.

i'm here because I believe

You have the capacity to lead with confidence and create a side-hustle in just 3-months regardless of your location 

You can make your job optional by creating multiple income streams, healing your money trauma and positioning yourself as a leader. Learn how to integrate life demands whilst using your hidden talents to magnetize abundance

Here's how we can work together

1:1 Coaching



6-month private mentorship to help women of color step into the high-value identity she craves. We support you through redirecting your inner beliefs to truly go after what you want. Learn to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and build an intentional life that excites you daily. The option is for the high achievers who want personalized money-mindset & business coaching. This is for you if you want to stop operating on autopilot and truly embody the rich queen that you are.

My methodology that teaches women to stop operating from lack. I help particularly Caribbean women and Immigrants how to Break-The-Cycle (BTC) of dependency, scarcity and complacency they were socialized to believe. This group program is geared towards teaching you to upgrade and no longer subscribe to less than you deserve. BTC teaches you to stop looking for safety in a salary and make your job optional.   

90-day hybrid coaching + consulting support for service-based entrepreneurs who need help with content creation & marketing. We assess, review and upgrade your content strategy & visibility. Apply for May 2023 to start to build your unique personal brand online. 

REady to make money moves?

I’ve coached dozens of women on money-mindset, marketing, taught project management training & created over $50k using money energetics and whilst working a 9-5.

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The way you think about money will impact every single decision you make. 

Hey, I'm Merlinda, Your Biz Bestie.

I help women break cycles of dependency & build the businesses they've always dreamed of (without sacrificing their magic) and values. 

I beat the system and stopped relying on a job for safety. I broke cycles of lack and shifted my identity to create money peace. 

In 2019, I took my business seriously, registered and signed my first coaching client who paid 2500 Pounds. Took her from non-existing online to fully blown success coach. 

That same year I had emergency surgery and did not get paid for 2-months. My side-hustle funded my life and health care when the job refused to pay for extra 30-days sick leave. Since then, I have never seen a job as safe. I DECIDED to create my own safety net and not get lost in societal norms.


Today, I coach women to eliminate money scarcity and monetize their knowledge to become self-sufficient.  

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The realistic and only money-mindset podcast to teach people to improve their livelihoods, become independent and more self-aware as they grow businesses.


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2023 is the year to stop depending on the system

There is a redistribution of wealth and it is much easier when you learn to create your own safety